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Welcome to Contract Trainers, Inc.

Managing Human Resources has never been more challenging, or easier…  given the right resources.

Our consulting firm has been delivering quality service to our clients since 1980.  We provide expert knowledge, skills and experience in all aspects of human resources management.  Our consultants have held senior Management HR positions in entrepreneurial companies, major corporations, non-profit organizations and the public sector - Federal, State and Local government.  They are qualified to assist you with every HR function in your organization.

Whether you need an in-depth training needs analysis or a specialized training program in less than a week, we deliver with in-person or remote presentations. You can use all or one of our services, but in every case, the final product is professionally presented and custom developed for your needs. 

From recruitment to outplacement, we can help you respond to your internal client needs, where and when you need it.  Whether your organization is small or large, we fill in when you're short-staffed, swamped, pressured by deadlines, or need help implementing a new program. We deliver so that you can provide timely and professional support to your organization.

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