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Rethinking Customer Service

Everyone in the organization either deals directly with the customer or supports someone who does.  Yet, when it comes to customer service programs, we often just focus on the front-line service provider.  Without consistent support from management and staff, front-line customer service personnel may not be able to implement the techniques recommended in the training program. The service management approach acknowledges that to achieve lasting results, the entire organization must be involved in the process.  This program will supplement the training program in a four-stage process:

PHASE 1.  Service Assessment
What does it take to keep your customers happy?

Sometimes we think we know what our customers want, but are often surprised when we start asking.  Contract Trainers Inc. can develop and implement an on-going system for identifying what your customers expect and need from your organization.

PHASE 2.  Strategic Service Planning

Who and what can make or break service excellence?

Often we focus only on the front-line customer service staff and forget the importance of the organizational approach.  This involves understanding how your policies, procedures, hiring, training, physical locations, equipment, etc. all impact on the quality of your service.  Contract Trainers Inc. can help you develop a process for assessing how well you support the front line.

PHASE 3.  Education    

What knowledge and skills do we need?

Implementing a service management program requires training at all levels - management, supervision, support staff and technical personnel, because employees at all levels can have a direct or indirect impact on delivering customer service.  Contract Trainers Inc. can design and deliver customized training programs to provide the knowledge, skills and ability to deliver first class service.

PHASE 4.  Measurement and Feedback

How are we doing?

The customer report card is a periodic and ongoing measurement of customer satisfaction.  By evaluating the program’s effectiveness, you can reward positive results and make adjustments in areas that need improvement.  Contract Trainers, Inc. can establish a continuous improvement system to keep track of progress and reinforce change.

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