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Setting Performance Goals and Standards

Today’s managers are faced with pressure from all sides when it comes to employee performance . . . from employers who want to improve productivity . . . from employees who want to know how they are doing . . . from regulators who are making managers accountable for “negligent appraisals”.  With all these demands, it is no wonder that managers consistently say that performance appraisal is the most difficult part of their job.  Learn to take off the pressure and take on the challenge of achieving performance excellence by learning:

The legal side of performance management:

  • What are your legal responsibilities as management?
  • What is negligent appraisal and negligent retention?
  • How do right to privacy laws impact on performance appraisal?
  • How do defamation laws apply to performance appraisal?

How to prepare for a performance appraisal:

  • Steps to prepare for the interview
  • Developing competencies, the core of performance management
  • Communicating fact vs. opinion
  • Avoiding rating errors

How to conduct a performance appraisal:

  • Preparing the manager and employee for the participative interview
  • Steps to conducting a meaningful interview
  • Guidelines for giving constructive criticism
  • Developing specific and achievable performance goals
  • The counseling, coaching and challenging interview

How to document a performance appraisal:

  • FACT method of documentation
  • Keeping critical incident files
  • Guidelines for confidentiality

Who Should Attend:  Managers, supervisors, individuals responsible for monitoring the performance of others   
Methodology:  This program utilizes video case studies, group discussion, structured exercises, practice exercises and a question and answer segment.
Program Length:  One 8-hour session

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