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Harassment: Stop It Before It Starts

Harassment of any kind is costly for everyone-employers, employees and their customers alike.  It not only includes the millions spent in litigation and the overburdening of courts, but the hidden cost of lost productivity and emotional distress.  After-the-fact remedies, while important, can never adequately repair the damage that harassment causes in the workplace.  

Research studies have stated unequivocally that the single most important solution to harassment is prevention and the most effective prevention programs not only include strong policies against harassment but comprehensive training programs for management and employees.  This program is designed to increase awareness, educate participants in the laws governing harassment, dispel the myths and provide practical solutions for handling even the most sensitive harassment issues.  

Types of Harassment

  • Racial, National Origin, Age & Disability Liability
  • Consequences and Prevention

Sexual Harassment vs. Overreaction to Innocent Behavior

  • Legal Definition of Sexual Harassment
  • New Guidelines for Defining Employer Liability
  • Can They Sue Me? - Individual Liability
  • Quid Pro vs. Hostile Environment
  • LGBTG Harassment and Guideline for Compliance

The Battle of the Sexes Continues

  • Welcome vs. Unwelcome
  • Impact vs. Intent
  • Landmark Cases, Recent Cases and Rulings
  • Men vs. Women Statistics and Changing Trends
  • The Reasonable Person Standard
  • The Challenge of He Said/She Said
  • Unintended Consequences of #MeToo

The Manager’s Role (For Management Only)

  • The Power Trip – Quid Pro Quo
  • Negligent Hiring and Retention
  • Handling Complaints and Investigating Claims
  • Defamation and Confidentiality

The Employee’s Role

  • Consequences of Hostile Environment
  • What If You Are Harassed
  • What If You Are Accused of Harassment

An Ounce of Prevention

  • The Proactive Approach
  • Policies against Harassment and Complaint Procedures
  • Retaliation Prevention

Who Should Attend: 
All employees
Methodology:  This program utilizes video, pre-tests, group discussion, case studies, practice exercises and a question and answer segment.
Program Length:  One 4-hour session for employees, one 7-hour session for management.

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