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Working with You Is Killing Me!

Have you ever come home from work with a migraine and thought, “these people are going to kill me”? “These people” may be customers, co-workers, bosses or direct reports but they all have one thing in common – their behavior is having a negative effect on your work, your personal life and your well-being.  When you begin to feel overwhelmed by the situation, it can trigger destructive and unhealthy coping mechanisms that may be just as harmful to you as “these people”. This workshop will help you get beyond the emotional reactions that you feel when confronted and help you focus on solving the problem in a respectful and effective way.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Identify typical workplace situations that cause serious problems for you
  • .Handle specific situations such as inconsiderate, disrespectful or needy co-workers.
  • Avoid emotional traps that “hook” you into toxic relationships.
  • Free yourself from relationships that are destructive and harmful.
  • Assess your options for dealing with the situation.
  • Express yourself without judgment, accusations and anger.
  • Take responsibility for your side of the situation.
  • Respond when you are tested.
  • Achieve your desired outcome.

Who Should Attend:  Individuals who are in difficult conflict situations at work  

Methodology:  Role plays, structured exercises, group discussions, video, self-assessment instruments.  

Program Length:  One 4-hour session.

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